Reserve the Best Crab From Today's Catch

Phone 408.489.4808 while the boat is out to sea to reserve the catch of the day. You can reserve the biggest, the smallest, or just the absolute best. I then take special care to put aside your request. Ordinarily I'd keep the best catch of the day for myself, but for you I'll make an exception. We'll get a chance to keep the best ones for ourselves again tomorrow.

You can call any time I'll put exactly what you want for you to come pick up. I'll hold your reservation on ice until you arrive (up to 2 hours after the time you specify).

All of ours are "the best catch", but some are extra special. The biggest one of the day is pretty easy to identify, and I'm happy to put it aside for you. The smallest of the day is also an option, it'll be the smallest legal catch we have. You can also specify a weight you'd like and I'll set aside the one closest to your target size.

Get creative! You can reserve the 7th catch of the day, the happiest or meanest, or the one I catch on my lucky green lure.

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